The Process

From 2013 to present…

The Big Idea, November 2013

The idea behind the One-8 project was conceived in our “Laboratory of Creative Processes” Cracovia 32, in Mexico City.

Our cultural center was hired out to host an Electro-swing party.

Tim, the director of the One-8 Project, was learning to use projection software, and he had figured out a way to take photos, automatically edit them and create a live loop to the music.

It was a hit during the party. Here is an example of the initial result (set to Electro swing music and crazy party)

Pre-production, January - May 2014

We proposed the idea to the Frankie100 production team and got the go-ahead. We created the booth design and bought/rented the required material to shoot the dancers during the Frankie100 festival.

Frankie 100 Festival, 23-26 May, 2014

Over 4 days we had a continuous line of dancers enter the Green Screen booth and take part in the project.


The Animation process (part 1), 2014-2016

The original concept for the background animations was to find 6 independent animation studios each animating in their own style, with the stylistic constraints of:

1) A Vintage Aesthetic (1920’s, 30’s and 40’s)
2) Jazz and Swing music/dance culture
3) International Unity

Initially we were budget-less and things moved very slowly. The animation studios could only work at the rate of their free time (basically at a snail’s pace). After 1.5 years of slow advances, we scrapped the multiple studio idea, and decided to do everything in house.

The Frankie Manning Foundation Grant, March 2015

Thanks to the FMF, we were able to really initiate the project with funds to pay for the cleaning of the photos and to allow our designer to work full time on the project.

Cleaning the Material, 2016

Thanks to the incredibly talented Rebeca Traldi in Brasil, and with contributions from Marco Gavino & Guiness Waller, we were finally able to get the 7,400 photos cleaned. Not an easy process as our shooting conditions were not ideal for the perfect green screen effect.

Animation process (part 2), 2016-present

Our genius web designer decided to take over the project in 2016.

Ana Lidia Lopez, now head animator for the One-8 Project, was able to finish completed song number 2 while building 5 websites for our various projects, including Swing México, Cracovia 32, iLindy, designing all of the decorations for an International Circus Festival in Mexico called the Circonvención Mexicana, and an International Swing Dance Festival,  Swing Break México,  among many other things.

We have since put together a small team of illustrators and animators to push the project toward completion.


If you have gotten this far you can imagine how much work this has been for us. We do need your help! Please consider donating a few dollars towards the One-8 Project.