The Animation

Each song of the One-8 Project…

has a distinct animation style and illustrates the world of Swing dance from the macro to the micro.

Progress Overview

Songs, Concepts & Animation Style:

Song 1: The world of Swing, Hand drawn illustrations, Solomon Douglas

The World of Swing

Song:  Jumpin' At The Woodside
Artist: Solomon Douglas Swingtet
Animation style:     Hand drawn illustrations
Concept:   5 monuments from each of the 37 countries participating in the project. The illustrations pass behind the dancers to demonstrate the global nature of the dance and the project

Song length: 3:22
No. of 8's:  100
No. of dancers: 200
No. of photos: 1,506
No. of illustrations: 555

Animation Progress


Song 2: The Vintage City, Vectors, Gordon Webster

The Vintage City 

Song: Diga Diga Do
Artist: Gordon Webster
Animation Style: Vectors
Concept: A Journey through a vintage city.

Song length: 3:04
No. of 8's:  92
No. of dancers: 184

Animation Progress

Song 3: Inside the Ballrooms, Montage, George Gee

Inside the Ballrooms

Song: Midnight in the Madhouse
Artist: George Gee Swing Orchestra
Animation Style: Montage.
Concept: Inside a vintage ballroom the walls, stage, dance floor, chandelier, windows, curtains and decorations change.

Song length: 2:28
No. of 8’s: 64
No. of dancers: 128

Animation Progress

One-8 Midnight in the Madhouse

Song 4: The Jam Circle, Rotoscope, Micheal Gamble

The Jam Circle

Song: Airmail Special
Artist: Michael Gamble and his Rhythm Serenaders
Animation Style: Rotoscope
Concept: Dancers dance in the middle of an animated live-action jam circle filmed at Lindy Focus 2016

Song length: 2:34
No. of 8's: 82
No. of dancers: 164

Animation Progress

Song 5: The Instruments, Hand drawn animation, Jonathan Stout

Dancing Over The Instruments

Song: Jammin' The Blues
Artist: Jonathan Stout & his Campus Five
Animation Style: Hand drawn animation
Concept: Dancing over the instruments that create the music

Song length: 3:22
No. of 8’s: 96
No. of dancers: 192

Animation Progress

Song 6: Inside the Music & Credits, Abstract Water Color, George Gee

Inside the Music & Credits

Song: Blue Minor
Artist: George Gee Swing Orchestra
Animation style: Abstract water color.
Concept: Inside the music, vibrations & wave forms.

Song length: 3:00
No. of 8’s: 34 (plus all cast & credits)
No. of dancers: 68

Animation Progress