The One-8 Project

A stop-motion animation featuring 760 Lindy Hoppers from 37 countries.  Each couple takes the position of the couple before them and continues the organically evolving swing dance choreography defined by the creativity of every dancer involved.  The project was shot in front of a green screen at Frankie100 in 2014.

Each song will have a distinct animation style.

*Watch the One-8 Project presentation below!*

The project contains:

  • 7460 photos
  • 461 8s = over 115 phrases = nearly 29 choruses
  • 6 songs
  • 16 minutes of animation at roughly 220 Beats per minute

This project is a testament to the incredible International Lindy Hop scene. It is a demonstration to the world that we are equal.  That the Lindy Hop builds community and is a magnificent unifier. That we don’t need to speak the same language, or have the same ideology, or eat the same thing for breakfast.  It is a nod towards a belief that we can solve many of the world’s problems and misunderstandings if we all knew how to swing out.